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Monday, December 10, 2007
Hangin' With The PJs
New Design | 5:07pm CST | Posted by Web Master

Welcome to "Hangin' With The PJs"!
Eddie Murphy's [co-creator and Executive Producer] - "The PJs", takes place at the Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs housing project where chief janitor Thurgood Stubbs, Muriel his wife and their friends lives are shown living in a tough city housing project. Bummer? NOT..That's when all the fun begins! Just enjoy the show for what it is..hilarious!

About This Website

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet "The PJs" is a slang word for "The Projects". Hey you never know..*s*..and if you did supaaa!

This is an unofficial website maintained by a FAN! It is not sponsored, licensed, or approved by *Any TV Station* or *The PJs*..shhhh..its our secret! Really! I'm only a fan!! No Kidding!! Around here you'll find plenty of info on The PJs. Nothing fancy so that all browsers can enjoy viewing this site. There's plenty of stuff to do around here. There's over 5500 pics of "The PJs" for your viewing pleasure and adding more soon. There's even a wallpaper section for your enjoyment. Wallpaper are 800 x 600 pixel only. I have a voice cast section too so you can see who's who and an episode guide to view when a particular episode was aired. There are quotes, a Sound Gallery! and so much more. You people are making me work too hard! **LOLOLOL**
Enjoy your stay and hope to see you here again soon!

Smokey singing What A Wonderful World

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